Traveler, sportsman, entrepreneur, leader, full-stack web developer with 8 years of leadership experience with agile teams. Experience on development, implementation and integration of API’S
with SOA architecture. Database modeling work on sql (Mysql, Mssql), Nosql (MongoDB) . Backend using languages: PHP (Laravel), Python (Django), Node (Express, Nest JS, Loopback). Front-end developer HTML, CSS (SASS), JS (React, Vue, Angular, Jquery, Webpack, ES6,
StencilJS) and app development hybrid (React-native, Ionic, Xamarin).

Skills: PHP / Laravel
Node / Express, Loopback, NestJS
Python / Django
NoSql / Mongo
SQL / Mssql, Mysql
JS / Angular, React, VUE, Jquery,
API / Rest, SOAP
Cloud / Aws, Azure


USD 5000

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